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January 22, 2020

Bob Kehl, Data Analyst

A key element in all our client relationships is having a clear focus on performance, and transparently measuring our performance against mutually-agreed key performance indicators (KPIs).

Those metrics then feed into customer satisfaction levels, and therefore reflect how well we are doing.  But we also challenge ourselves to do better, constantly looking at every aspect of performance to see where improvements can be made.

A good example is our partnership with a global mobile phone brand for whom we have worked for over 20 years.

Our team in Edinburgh and Budapest provides technical support for their customers in more than 20 European countries across voice, chat, email and social media.

The basic business objective has been to achieve customer satisfaction of at least 85% across multiple platforms, with each of their customers being polled, and this information shared with our client on a weekly basis.

The business case for our client is quite simple.

SYKES has the people, processes, technologies and analytical capabilities to provide service excellence across multiple channels and territories.

We also test all of their new products ahead of their launch to ensure there are no software issues and, for example, have implemented SYKES Self-Service, an online self-service support solution that is now also being deployed in the USA.

Our team analyses all customer interactions to give our client real end-to-end insights, explaining all customer drivers and identifying ways to improve service.

But when I took over as our client’s Data Analyst in 2018, I felt that the way in which we completed our weekly reports could be made better.

It wasn’t an automated process and therefore required several hours of manual work, with data from each supported language having to be entered manually.

With the client’s agreement, at the start of 2019 we collected all data into one database and introduced new software that provides interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities, coupled with an interface that allows us to create client reports and dashboards.

That allowed us to share reports through an online server so that, once the initial online report was set up, weekly maintenance simply meant updating the database file with the new weekly data.

This reduces the time spent on creating the weekly report from several hours to a matter of minutes and changes every graph and table.  Importantly also, it now allows the client to see the report online without sharing it by email.

Another positive outcome of this new way of reporting is that we can now control the raw data, allowing us to draw conclusions and visualise trends that were previously locked behind the old system’s limitations.

Throughout 2020, we will further focus on predictive analysis to provide better understanding of ongoing trends, using constantly-evolving technologies to improve how we use data to give our client valuable insights.

It’s a client partnership that must be one of the longest in the outsourcing sector.  But, we’re never complacent and always looking to do things better.

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