Outsource to a Partner, NOT a Vendor!

February 25, 2020

In today’s dynamic markets, businesses increasingly look to scale or broaden their customer service provision, as well as other business needs, through outsourcing.

The decision to outsource is not always a straightforward one, and it’s important to carefully consider whether it’s right for your business before making the move.

To achieve the best possible results, choosing the right company to outsource your support services to requires the same amount of consideration as the decision to outsource in the first place.

Your goal should be to find a provider that will become a partner, rather than remain a vendor. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about building a strong relationship over time and working with trust, transparency and efficiency.

So, while a vendor agrees to bring their expertise and resources to deliver a set of agreed services in exchange for payment, a partner has critical expertise and resources aligned, integrated, and committed to the success of their client. In other words, they put their client’s goals at the heart of the support programme.

Further, a partner shares your vision, will be committed to your core values, and will work with you to ensure they deliver the very best for you. When you reach the point in your relationship that you view your outsource provider as a partner in this respect, you will be trusting them to add real value to your business.

Building a lasting relationship, takes dedication and commitment to truly see the value in forming a partnership.  For example, SYKES has worked with several key technology clients for over 20 years, and for many others for nearly as long. The relationships continue because the approach and provision changes in response to their changing needs.

In most cases, initial support was for one line of business, however, over the years more business is added because of the trust, confidence, and proven capability to deliver. Based on the long-term relationship, support experience, and ability to reduce costs while improving efficiency.

Today, clients like these refer to us as a partner, rather than vendor. This reflects the honest, open relationship that exists.

SYKES works hard to build strong relationships with clients. We want to be a true support partner to their organisation. These lasting relationships are testament to this.

To find out more about how we work with our clients to deliver great support to their customers, or to discuss your customer service requirements, please get in touch.

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