Preparing for a Great Site Visit

February 18, 2020

In a series of short articles, Les Torrance, Senior Director, Strategic Client Management and Development, looks at what makes a great site visit.

Competition in business is intense, and winning new clients is no easy task.

For SYKES, winning a new client is the hard part. Once on board, they tend to stay for a long time.  Often, within the first year, they talk to us about supporting more of their business.

This is a reflection of the quality of service that SYKES delivers and the level of experience and expertise new clients gain, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

But each prospective client’s journey starts a long time before they commit to working with SYKES.

It’s inevitable that prospective buyers visit one of our contact centres to see for themselves what SYKES is about, through meeting our operations management team and talk to front-line agents.

The importance of that first visit can’t be underestimated because first impressions tend to be lasting ones.

We spend a great deal of time and put a lot of effort into making sure each visit goes well and, crucially, ensuring we fully understand the scope, scale and nature of the programme requirement.

Prior to the first visit, there is a lot of information sharing, with the Sales team spending time on-site ensuring Operations are prepared for any and all questions, and are familiar with each and any point the client has discussed previously.

The key to things going well, and smoothly is, therefore, preparation.  Where a visit hasn’t been good it’s typically the result of poor preparation – either because visitors didn’t provide enough information about their expectations, or because the right questions were not asked upfront.

So, prepare, prepare, prepare is the mantra that guides each and every visit we host, because if we anticipate buyer needs and expectations, our responses should be on target, and we’ll make a good impression.

And good first impressions often turn a prospect into a valued client.

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