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May 28, 2019

Steve Gush, Vice President, Global IT Digital Services & EMEA IT

The accolade from HFS was, in part, down to our strategy of embracing technology to enhance customer service.

Our technology teams are always working to improve how we interact with customers through technology and provide them with a faster and more responsive service, while minimising cost to the client.

This focus on people and technology has helped us redefine how we do business, allowing SYKES to continually improve service quality, accurately measure customer satisfaction and, by analysing customer interactions, provide our clients with meaningful marketing or service insights.

Our in-house technology developments are complemented by an acquisition strategy that ensures we remain ahead of the competition.

Our recent acquisition of Symphony Ventures Limited is a good example of the direction our business is taking.  Symphony is a global consulting, implementation and managed services firm specialising in Intelligent Automation (IA) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

With Symphony, SYKES is able to support clients’ RPA and IA initiatives with a trusted global leader in designing, implementing and managing digital operations – optimising value throughout the entire customer lifecycle and commerce value chain.

The acquisition means that SYKES is uniquely positioned to provide more “intelligent customer experiences” for our clients, producing more meaningful interactions that increase brand loyalty for customers and drive revenue growth for clients.

SYKES has also acquired Clearlink, a leader in digital marketing, sales and data science that unlocks, for example, the power of data to make smarter decisions, using AI to analyse, extrapolate, and predict future outcomes—delivering actionable insights fast.

And another recent acquisition was Qelp, a global leader in the provision of self-service customer care and care content optimisation solutions that complements SYKES’ traditional agent-assisted service and support.

Qelp provides an extensive database of image-based tutorials, device management and diagnostics tools that give customers clear step-by-step instructions on how to solve their problem online. Further, Qelp helps organisations improve the customer experience by connecting the customer online and offline journeys.

This all adds up to a joined-up approach to the use of technology for the benefit of customer experience, from improving the customer experience to providing clients with actionable intelligence.

That end-to-end strategy is one that will continue to evolve as customer expectations change and technology developments offer better solutions to meeting them.

It’s a people-and-technology journey that SYKES is proud to be pioneering, using machine intelligence to enable human ingenuity.

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